The 5 Most Renowned Types of Logo Designs For Your Business

The 5 Most Renowned Types of Logo Designs

A logo design is the corporate identity of the business that serves as an emblem and highlights the industry we represent. The research states that companies having a smarter choice in logo design become far more memorable from a customer’s perspective. This also gives us a competitive edge in symbolizing our business with a sharp, prolific, logo design. Be it Apple Incorporation’s bitten fruit or Nike’s swoosh, a logo design can build the global reputation through its color psychology and persuasive symbols.

Although the companies might possess variance in branding, a varied list of products and distinctive niches, the importance of associating the business with a mesmerizing logo design is escalating. It is now a mandatory business prelude which echoes the company’s corporate image and its industry before and after the market popularity.

Explore The 5 Most Renowned Logo Types For Your Business:

1. Combination Mark:

The 5 Most Renowned Types of Logo Designs For Your Business

The combination mark is an accumulation of letters, mascots, and abstract marks that build up a new logo. It insists upon crafting an identity that reads well and looks well, ensuring more memorability than other logo design types.  Here, the finesse is in positioning the text and the pictures side-by-side to sputter an impactful feeling in the logo. This logotype broadens the canvas with its freedom of using two profound elements, together.

Example: Lacoste, Adidas and Taco Bell.

2. Symbolic:

The 5 Most Renowned Types of Logo Designs For Your Business

This is a symbolic representation of the business we own. The symbol or icon logo design is a simpler take on branding with a bold output. This logo stands out and represents the brand with the meaningful symbols that summarize and reflect on our mission statement. However, the symbol logo is less flashy compared to other logotypes over which companies would amend them after a brief time. The symbol logo design is famous for creating sheer easiness of understanding and being more customer-friendly.

 Chevrolet, Olympics and Audi.

3. Word Mark:

The 5 Most Renowned Types of Logo Designs

Word Mark represents the moniker of the company that empowers our branding with the name written in a recognizable font and distinctive color combination. This logo is dubbed simple, striking and highly effective as memorizing or even calling out the brand’s name from the first impression becomes relatively easier. The subtle secret behind the instant success of the Word Mark is the colorful typography that gives us visually pleasing tags.

Example: Google, Nasa and FedEx.

4. Letter Mark:

The 5 Most Renowned Types of Logo Designs

The letter mark offers a simplistic take on the logo designs with the initial letters or numerous interludes from the moniker being used as the main source of creation. It mainly uses typographical elements to enhance and beautify the company’s name without prolonging it. This logotype channelizes the easiness for complex and harsh-named brands. The letter mark uses the initial letters or the acronyms to form a logo design.

Example:  Louis Vuitton, H&M and HBO.


The 5 Most Renowned Types of Logo Designs

This logotype is the most fun-filled one which is drawn with the far-reaching creativity and sparkling colors. The mascot logo offers a cartoonish representation, a funky character or the historical doppelganger of those who founded the company. This could be a mini gawking owl, a prowling lion or even the hat-flaunting pickle. The mascot logo does not only represent the business, it encapsulates the audience.

Example: KFC, Michelin and Kellogg’s.  

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