Important Customer Service Metrics For B2C Customer Support

Important Customer Service Metrics For B2C Customer Support

In business – whichever niche – organizations use numerous metrics to stand out and gather moss to achieve their corporate milestones. The research states that businesses are sieged with multiple service metrics. However – the most wanted, relevant and the measured one drives the products towards improvement. Likewise, while discussing the importance of customer service, we must acknowledge that 45% of buyers would pay more for a great customer support. This means our target audience at partial has the potential to purchase services on a more lucrative scale and their demand is to be serviced by a value-added, problem-solving communication circle. With this research – organizations can seamlessly improve their business domains and generate more profit by offering a great B2C customer support.

Explore The Time-Tested and Result-Proven Customer Service Metrics For B2C Customer Support

Important Customer Service Metrics For B2C Customer Support

1. The Resolution Rate:

It’s true that more tickets mean more customers are inclined towards the brand with the sheer interest in using them. However – the resolution rate reflects on the total tickets we have closed upon the customer’s intent. This B2C support metric represents organizations that insist upon quality, not quantity. The resolution rate measures the time spent on each ticket and the quality we maintain for a satisfying customer experience. It is highly recommended to stabilize a higher resolution rate to avoid an unwanted traffic in the backlogs.

2. Total Customer Requests:

Evaluating the total number of the request may seem a fundamental step with deprived importance. From a business perspective – it dubs the total volume of customer requests we receive within 24 hours of operations, which makes it easier to strategize the customer support. This assists in allocating resources and compiling an effective workforce when a company is stuffed with workload with new tickets and pending backlogs.

3. Quick First Response:

We must confess that while queued on the waiting list of the customer support by a new business startup or even a multi-national enterprise seems a bit hassling and unprofessional. That's when the “quick first response” and “total customer requests” correlate as 33% customers have voted on behalf of organizations that respond with a swift, first message. Do not put your valued customers on pause despite their time-consuming cases. The first response time might vary from one platform to another as customer’s expectations are at the heart of this matter. Organizations with a live-chat widget, recommend responding to chatters in 20-30 seconds.

4. Average Reply Time:

How long does it take for your customer-rep to respond to a customer query? The average reply time is an important customer support metric which measures our prowess at reading and responding to customers about our brand. Therefore, a customer rep with an ample knowledge should spend less time and provide more information to summate the concern. It also assists in hiring the right number of customer representatives.  

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