Goggles4U: An Online Eyewear Company Refining Customer Experience From BPO Services By Hire Live Support

Goggles4U: An Online Eyewear Company Refining Customer Experience From BPO Services By Hire Live Support


Brand: Goggles4U (Online Eyewear Retail Store)

Scale: Mid-Size (50-200 Employees)

Headquarters: United States of America 

Software: BPO Services

Website: www.goggles4u.com



Goggles4U - an eyewear superstore - is a product-based online platform, making discounted eyeglasses for men, women, and kids with an international customer base. Their slashed-priced offering on eyeglasses helped the company in achieving limited milestones after debuting into the e-commerce paradigm. In attempts to add more value to the products being offered, the hub of prescription eyewear first discarded the issues escalating from business automation, customer support, and service processing. While confined to projected business milestones, companies analyzed the notion of expanding and recalibrating their service exclusivity with great customer experience.


This case study demonstrates the empowering cause and effect notion of Business Process Outsourcing with attainable business growth. It highlights the significance of Call Center Services for a seamless and worldwide service expansion.


Hire Live Support Challenge Query For BPO Service


Goggles4U experienced deprivation of service excellence in the “Ordering Process” envisioned by the customer base. The eyeglass hub analyzed a lack of practical application in their Customer Support and also the online literature that sheds light on Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy, and Return Policy. At Goggles4U, monthly purchase orders had expanded amid predicaments that started affecting their customer experience.

Their challenge was simple: deploy a dedicated team of sales specialists and enable a 24/7 customer support system that may effectively serve as a guiding light for first-time visitors. Goggles4U also envisioned building the company’s corporate syllabus with knowledge-based content decoding their Return & Exchange Policies. In an expanded context, the company sought the most perfect business simulation with valued BPO services to potentiate, recalibrate and handle business operations oriented toward customers.

SOLUTION - Customer-Focused Strategies For Interaction and Retention


SOLUTION - Customer-Focused Strategies For Interaction and Retention:


Hire Live Support - after analyzing the rising challenges - ensured that BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services will enhance their business simulation by ensuring top-notch practices for form-filling, 24/7 customer support, writing company literature, and using monthly performance assessments to evaluate growth in customer retention. This incorporated tested-training sessions for support agents to build a concrete understandability of products at Goggles4U such as Eyeglasses Measurement, Analyzing The Prescription, and Types of Lenses for the varying eyeglass orders on Customer Support.


The first and foremost solution was to integrate an all-around 24/7 Customer Support System in their business paradigm. Hire Live Support, with experience from international gateways, planned & implemented a robust support system that enabled the customers at Goggles4U to interact with a Support Agent via Phone, Email, And Live Chat. After examining the significance of customer retention, Hire Live Support integrated Live Chat extension which amounted to the company’s 60% new orders for converting visitors into potential buyers. Secondly - HLS activated “Phone Support” with a toll-free number to respond to customer queries with an interactive vocal solution that catered to open-ended questions by customers. It also created goodwill with customers receiving clear, concise, and quick responses. Here, the task force was strategically numbered to solve the matters amid receiving a considerable amount of online and offline queries regularly. Eventually, customer queries (Order Tracking, Frame Inquiry, And Shipment Info) were also settled on Emails with HLS sales specialists online.


Hire Live Support understood the need for infusing a sound business practice which is inevitable for redeeming new customers and creating brand credibility online. At Goggles4U - the company literature did not enrich their website directories which directly affected their customer experience with scarce knowledge on domains of Return Policy, Order Process, Exchange Policy, and FAQ. After analyzing their USPs and Core Competencies, Hire Live Support conceptualized, drafted, proofread, and optimized company literature pages to deliver assistance to Customer Support Agents to solve queries with page links.


Return & Exchange policies were composed on the customer-eccentric module due to the finding that certain parameters online may affect the buying patterns of the consumer. It is an inevitable business practice to catalog all scenarios under which the returns and exchange are applicable. Hire Live Support, after empirically observing the total return & exchange scenarios, crafted the Return & Exchange Policies which manifested into another Unique Selling Point for Goggles4U. After mastering policy pages, the customers attained a boost in value for money and improved brand credibility before placing their order.


HLS, since debuting in BPO Services, acknowledges the widely acclaimed importance of extensive product training. Even though HLS customer support representatives are competent with insights on Customer Support, the requirement for the head-to-head product training sessions was essential and inevitable. This special training carried a nuanced purpose of infusing customer representatives with sound product knowledge which assisted in scaling up complicated customer queries. HLS initiated boardroom sessions mentored by the Senior Manager to enhance the problem-solving skills of customer support agents.


HLS anticipated the importance of performance evaluation for all Customer Support platforms to examine their effect on business output. This scheduled evaluation helped the company to embark on quality assurance by monitoring chat, calls, and email response time and quality. It also escalated new possibilities of working on FCR (First Contact Resolution Policy) which is the ultimate goal of any company. This phase of service brought improvement to the web-functionality of Goggles4U as sound customer reps exploited technical glitches and ensured a seamlessly convenient way of ordering glasses online.

HLS Benefits



Before integrating the valued BPO Services - Goggles4U experienced major business downsides that created hindrances in their sustainability online. Since the market is turning competitive in all niches of business, it is essential for any brand to be vocal about their return policy to ensure a greater sense of value for money: this served as the starting point of success for this eyewear superstore as the newly crafted return policies resulted in customer repetition.

Further, before that, the exchange policies were crafted with a vague and hesitant approach which clearly stole the “feel-good” gesture from ordering products online. Now - Goggles4U published updated and customer-eccentric exchange outlines that uplifted customer service efficiency by 30%. Other fragments of success helped the company in maneuvering toward business sustainability with customer retention boosting by 40%, maxing out their FCR (First Contact Resolution Policy). Now - with utmost business visibility and seamless interaction with new and old customers, Goggles4U was conditioned to encounter a growth of 30% in sales with more credibility infused to their brand. Their vulnerable business constitution was finally empowered with BPO Services by HLS. It overhauled its strategies in creating value with a great customer experience.


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