Experiences That Matter: 4 Moving Customer Service Stories For You 

We have experienced and shared wow customer-service stories ever since the advent of customer service in mainstream companies. It comes at our surprise that 70% of customers would pay more for a great customer service experience. Customer service has become an integral part in making the purchase. However, serving customers doesn’t have to be policy-focused or always up to the context of the query given that the aim is to solve problems and make customers smile. While we examine the downsides of the poor customer service, it’s equally essential to leave no stone unturned when there’s an inclination toward the moving stories that exemplify the heroics of it. Learn how the ideas of empathy could make things memorable. 


A Flowery Honor For The Super Mom


1) A Flowery Honor For The Super Mom: (Trader Joe’s)


The glimpse of this grandiose customer service was marked at the local grocery store Trader Joe’s. It started when the lady customer rounded up her groceries at the counter and was flabbergasted to see the bill as only $40. As the cashier began with the cash register, the lady exclaimed “it’s just me and kids at home” which surfaced a chance for the server to make her a little happier before she leaves. Knowing that she’s a single-parent, the cashier voluntarily presented her a bouquet of flowers to honor her solitary motherhood. This made her cry, eventually making her post this golden gesture online.


The Coffee Sips & Language of Love 

2) The Coffee Sips & Language of Love  (Starbucks)

This moving story is about Ibby Piracha, a hearing impaired, who often used to visit StarBucks  for its specialty. A moment of realization dawned on the barrister named “Krystal Payne” who noted that Ibby entered a paradox while ordering his stuff to the other staff members. From therein, the barrister voluntarily puts the angelic outfit and tucked into “American Sign Language” in her downtime, wishful to alter his experience. Considering the struggles he encounters with his visits, Krystal Payne sent a note to him, stating: “I’ve been learning sign language so you can have an experience like everyone else”. Upon receiving it, the customer was moved. He framed the note, claiming it to be one of the kindest gestures in the history of customer service.


The Parable of A Resonating Empathy Zappos

3) The Parable of A Resonating Empathy: (Zappos)

Hailing from Nevada, Zappos holds a tremendous parable of great customer service for which it has made waves online. It came to my attention that a customer was indulging in shoe shopping for her elderly mother with soft-soled pairs in particular, because of her diabetic condition. She bought 6 pairs and 2 of them cut the mustard with a great fit as she wanted tender surfaces. Upon returning the other 4 pairs, the representative at Zappo offered a consoling shoulder to her daughter stating that his father also struggles with this diabetic condition. He confessed to praying for the customer's mother. The story gets more heart-tugging now. The same employee sent out a bouquet of lilies to the customer’s mother with two VIP membership cards. The customer was delighted and so was her mother who vouched on getting her footwear from Zappos only. 



4) A Live Good Humor Is The Recipe:  (Netflix)


4) A Live Good Humor Is The Recipe:  (Netflix)

Today, we rarely see good-humored conversations solving problems for customers and customer service. However, this example echoed through various online outlets for its soft, hilarious and concise nature. A customer rep Micheal got into a long and action-packed conversation. At the spur of the moment, he and the customer shrouded in their favorite characters and began exchanging a dialogue with hilarious textual gestures. He reported a couple of problems and Micheal did not leave his funny demeanor. Instead, he acknowledged the issues with searing clarity and vouched on their resolvement. The customer loved his humorous replies and put forward his appreciation by responding to the question “Are there any Netflix issues I can help you with today”, with, “I almost wish there were”. Afterwards, Michael infused healthy sarcasm in conversation by asking him to fill a question-based survey which was “Are you satisfied with your Netflix experience”? This customer hits a “Yes” to affirm this customer service. 



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