Corporate Competence: 4 Prime Benefits of Live Chat For The E-Commerce Stores


 Corporate Competence: 4 Prime Benefits of Live Chat For The E-Commerce Stores


E-commerce is there to make shopping convenient on the internet. However, at times, it branches out such complexities that create hindrance for the customers. Especially, for organic traffic, which is a hard-earned affinity group that marks presence at your online hub without us making efforts. It takes perseverance, dedication, and management to run an e-commerce store. This setup is dynamic and since online shopping requires credibility, the integration of the live-chat feature may turn the tables for you.

This modern-day technology offers a feel of an interactive brick-and-mortar store with sound customer-reps laced with product knowledge, awaiting to interact with the visitors. Significantly, the ground reality is parallel to the documented analysis. It is noted that companies with the enabled live-chat support are twice as likely to convert visitors online. Why so? Customers require instant interactions. Explore 4 exclusive live-chat benefits that are broadly advantageous for e-commerce platforms.  

1) Maintain The Bounce Rate:

Behind its casual word choice, the connotation of bounce rate is downright cardinal for your e-commerce platform. This metric calculates the average stay-time of the visitors before they “bounce” to other websites for relevant services. It also affects the 60% of the hard-earned organic crawlers that “may have” order your products. Therefore, a higher bounce rate is a negative for e-commerce platforms. In this situation, a live-chat integration keeps customers engaged with helpful questions and swift responses. That way - we can alter the course of the exit rate. 

2) Refine The Customer Service:

Does integrating Live Chat also influence your customer service? A recent scoop suggests that 73% of customers prefer using the live-chat option instead of phone support, emails, and social media. It ensures that customers seek an exclusive delight with a fast turn-around time, which only live-chat offers at the moment. Off-course, visitors are well short of time and require instant responses to their customized questions. Despite the visually pleasing UI, a live chat could be the reason behind a noticeable boost in sales. Moreover, it offers activation for cross-platforms that help in rounding up leads from tablets, PCs, and even mobile phones.  

3) A Minimal Budget Run:

Live chat offers a minimal budget run when it comes to setting up numerous customer support solutions. Compared with phone support, live chat is thrice as cheaper and faster with more effectiveness on the go. In today’s time, it has been observed that live chat is embraced more than its counterpart. It helps companies in saving up their personnel costs that can be channelized to other tasks. 

4) Apparent Sales Increase: 

Live chat surfaces the right recipe for better sales conversion on various business outlets. It helps to scale sales with 6000% more ROI than what we carve from the phone support. Hence, live chat helps in focusing on the bigger business picture by increasing sales with an apparent strategy. 



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