4 Times The E-Mail Customer Support Proved To Be Excellent For Organizations

4 Times The E-Mail Customer Support Proved To Be Excellent For Organizations

While the prowess of e-mail customer support is ignored at various organizations, the reports state that more than 4 billion e-mail accounts exist with 60% consumers using their e-mail addresses to file a complaint or avail products and services. These analyses are seen as surreal and highlight how the e-mail customer support has generated a great customer experience. The e-mail customer support enable organizations to keep all business related personnel’s updated on their case and unravel the new services to them in an organized, secured manner. This business endeavor is the key to respond to our customers in 6 hours which is the ideal time duration to gain their confidence in our brand and acknowledge the queries.

As the time is passing – more and more organizations have begun to understand the cardinal importance of an e-mail customer support; to respond to multiple vendors and drive thousands of customers out of service dilemma. This new paradigm shift is helping companies to accumulate customer queries, buying behavior and their valuable reviews that lodge us into business improvement. It also justifies our e-mail management skills as customers expect punctuality and responsiveness from the companies which they choose to buy products and services from.

Is opting for an e-mail customer support has proven to be excellent for businesses and organizations? We inspect the 4 miraculous times a great customer experience was delivered via an e-mail customer support. It turned the table for companies and unsatisfied customers restored their confidence in their respective brands and were delighted to receive this service contentment.

1 | Timex - (Empathetic Response To A Customer In Peril):

Timex - Providing Great Email Customer Support

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Image Source: HelpSkout

Timex – A renowned watch-making empire does not only induce class in the timeless products as it also rewards with an excellent customer support specifically on e-mails. This brand was informed about the devastating accident of their life-long customer and in the turn of the event, his Timex piece had razzed and collar-bone broken. Timex was asked about the total repair cost of the product as the customer admired his timepiece. With sheer excellence in e-mail support, the representative of Timex wrote an empathic response and ensured that the damaged product will be repaired at no charge.

2 | CallAway - (Free Replacement For A Dedicated Customer):

CallAway - Providing Great Email Customer Support

                                                                                                                                                                            Image Source: HelpSkout

Callaway is a number one brand that delivers promising golf accessories with a worldwide client-base. This brand strives for greatness as it manufactures sleek, mercurial products backed with a great customer experience for customer’s ease of return and replacement. Callaway had exemplified the true benefits of delivering a remarkable customer experience when a golfer named “George” claimed that his then-owned putter is losing its grip and he is anxious to get a new one with intent of paying the full amount for this replacement, which was phenomenal.

The customer had shown pure signs of ordering a new grip as the one for his putter ran out of stock. Callaway first contemplated and slipped under the impression that George’s golfing saga is facing hindrance and learned of his loyalty towards them with his intentions to reimburse. The brand responded to this customer with customer experience significance, asking about George’s address to deliver him the new grip without charging a single penny. Such business courtesy was lauded worldwide as George took over to Reddit to share his customer-eccentric experience which he attained at CallAway and revised his Odyssey Putter.

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3 | Blizzard (Refund To Refute Customer's Dissatisfaction):

Blizzard - Great E-mail Customer Support
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Image Source: HelpSkout

It often occurs that after making a purchase; the customers do not feel the exclusivity of the product or are not impressed with the way it serves its purpose. Blizzard Entertainment – a world leader in video games – had managed to sparkle up the parched “customer-regretting” situation into a fond customer experience. The customer wrote to the customer support representative; confidentially confessing that one of their games that he had bought out of choice and excitement, has not lived up to the hype and expectation.

He also overlooked the return policies and indicated strong intention that his idea to return the game is violating company’s red tape as it is not permissible to return the games off from the digital store. However – Blizzard Entertainment knew that the response to this neutral and somewhat abrasive e-mail will have a profound impact on his forthcoming choices and to rest up in his good books despite of his disapproval, the brand galvanized his claims by refunding the full amount.

4 | Samsung (A Candid Interaction Turned Into A Reward For The Customer):

 Samsung - Great E-Mail Customer Support

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Image Source: Ecommerce Insiders

Samsung has prevailed in the market with top ethics that the brand flaunts in the e-mail customer support. This time – Samsung’s avid user – Shane - writes to Samsung’s customer support, nefariously asking the representative to gift him a free Samsung Galaxy S lll with confessions that he finds himself as a die-hard Samsung user. Shane weighed in with his previous purchases and attached a funnily sketched dragon image in his e-mail to grab the attention. Samsung pondered professionally that while it may not be appropriate to ask for freebies with an intention of getting them on realistic terms; the brand noted customer’s gratitude towards the trending products.

A representative – working at the Samsung HQ – responded while concealing refusal in-between the politeness of the words and also sent a drawing of a Kangaroo riding on the uni-cycle. This response was made with an intention to make Steve smile and to make him realize that even the non-serious e-mails are read and responded. This B2C encounter which was full of candid elements went viral and the brand walked an extra mile for the customer by sending a customized phone with his funky dragon sketch immortalized at the back. Shane was dazzled as the candid interaction turned into a reward.

Preview The Phone That Samsung Sent To Shane

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