4 Game-Changing Stances To Ace Your Customer Support


It's a word from the wise that customer support is more of teamwork where employees take up diverse tasks to attend to customer queries. It is the melting pot of solving problems via phone, email, and live chat. According to 75,000 consumers, the reason behind ringing or writing to customer support is to get their problems solved. However, here’s the irony: amid exerting less amount of effort from their end. It may seem like memorizing a syllabus and answering customers after evaluating their niche of questions. But, today, customer support is about helping, listening, solving complex problems, and even kicking sense into customers. It’s contagious and we require various stances to fill the void of perfection. Explore the 4 game-changing stances which will infuse an all-around customer support skillset in your existing competence. 

1 -A  Vigilant Mentor: 

There is a nuanced distinction between being a vigilant mentor and a helper when it comes to customer support. It follows a phenomenon of cutting down all complex tasks into doable proportions. Hence, it doesn’t only help customers with their existing problems, it also prepares them to have navigation of solutions ahead. This act of voluntarily guiding customers toward the light of solutions refrains us from getting similar issues from the same visitors. Technically, it replenishes workload and makes customers adapt to self-help. 

2 - A Picky Writer:

Ever scribbled a cliche or an obsolete phrase while in a conversation with your customer? It’s a billion-dollar work ethic to avoid jargon and recalibrate your dialogue with simpler, fuller, and more meaningful words. It is important to avoid long-winded, vague, and distracting words for customer support. According to Nathaniel Hawthrone - “easy reading is damn hard writing” and it makes sense when customers endorse solutions that come up in concise and concrete texts. Use familiar and understandable words. 

3 - A Service Vanguard:

This is another voluntary move while building a more productive customer support team. It insists upon absorbing the role of an employee whose job is to evaluate where customers struggle the most. Moreover, the service vanguard is responsible for brainstorming new ideas to beautify the service transition. This inventive role is for the broadly interactive employee who uses his prowess to get problematic insights. 

4 - A Multitasker:

After the integration of customer support software, we learn that a great employee is also a source of multitasking. In today’s time, customers keep divulging emails, live chat, and calls. It’s important to double our efficiency and handle multiple tasks at one time. As per the findings, 41% of companies require a response on email within 6 hours. It’s time to strike a chord with the multitasking potential for live chat and emails. 


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